Winding Up Private Limited Company

A private limited company or famously known as PVT LTD is a privately held company. This implies that the business limits owner liability to its shares and limits number of shareholders to 50. It also restricts shareholders from trading shares publicly.

Closing Private Limited Company becomes a necessity due to many reasons voluntarily or by the tribunal. Business loss, bankruptcy, passing away of promoters, etc., are few of the reasons as to why closing company in India becomes the only option.

Requirements for closing a Private Limited Company

Voluntarily closing a Private Limited Company:

This is possible if,

Compulsory closing of Private Limited Company:

This happens in the following scenarios,

The strike off company procedure used to be a slow and boring process. However, through the online process, much of the slow elements are removed. That being said, the process to strike off company online is not fully present. The process itself is as follows. :

While you cannot fully strike a company off online, you can take all the help you need from business registration experts. These experts can close private limited company through the process that involves constant tenacity and complete assistance.

Therefore, Tax zone is here to aid you. Contact our experts and close the company in a way that you can pass over legal hurdles while keeping up with the legal requirements.