Register your Business in India

Everyone in India has a dream to start a business. To move forward with this dream, and turn it into a reality, everyone wants to start a company. Therefore, there exists company registration in India. Through incorporation of a company, you can start your business in a legal way where you are not only provided an infrastructure of growth, but also the assistance from the government.

Company registration is a process through which the business is given a proper legal infrastructure and is incorporated within the MCA according to the Companies Act 2013. Its entire process is now done on the internet. The process of online company registration involves the following procedure:

  1. Gathering the documents.
  2. Applying for and obtaining the Digital Signature Certificate
  3. Applying for and obtaining the Director Identification Number
  4. Filing the application to get the name of the company approved.
  5. Drafting the MOA and the AOA.
  6. Filing the application to register a company online.
  7. Getting the company incorporation number once the application is processed.

These proceedings of company name registration might seem trivial enough to be handled by a mere layman. However, there are many intricate legal requirements to register a new company online that requires the aid of the experts. These legal requirements are as follows:

  1. Collecting and organizing the documents.
  2. Applying for the Digital Signature Certificate.
  3. Digital certifying the documents.
  4. Precisely drafting the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  5. Filing the application of business registration online.
  6. Obtaining and forwarding the Certificate of Incorporation.

To deal with the aforementioned matters, you need the right experts that can provide you the best company incorporation services.

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