Drug License Registration

If you take into account the volume and value of Indian Pharmaceuticals market, you are going to find that India ranks in 3rd and 13th respectively. Now, if you compare this rank to the whole world, you are also going find out that over 20 percent of world’s volume and over 1.5% of world’s value in pharmaceutical industry belongs to India.

This particular industry has been on a steady upward trajectory of growth and to that end, has given opportunity to several entrepreneurs to grow and be successful in the pharmaceuticals industry.

However, much like the Ayurveda industry, you need to have a license before you opt for this particular industry as well. This particular license in this case is called the Drug license.

Administered under the drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940, this license is mandatory throughout the country. There are about 10 types of drug license. Pertaining to the type of pharmaceutical business that you want to be the part of, Registrationwala can provide you with the license that you need.