Nidhi Company Registration in India

Nidhi Company is a business entity in India governed under the Companies Act 2013. It sole objective is to engage with thrift and savings among its members. A Nidhi Company is a Non Banking Financial Institute that provides services like Lending and deposits to its members exclusively. Therefore, it can be said a Nidhi Company in India only consists of funding from its members and shareholders.

Starting a Nidhi Company in India means starting a class of Non Banking Financial Companies. They are governed under Reserve Bank of India. This body tells the registered Nidhi Company guidelines about lending and depositing activities. However, Nidhi Companies can only deal with their own members. Therefore outside members are not allowed.

Why you should register a Nidhi Company?

Nidhi Company is one of the business entities that enjoy several perks of the Companies. The following are those perks that make Nidhi Company Registration quite a beneficial affair:

  1. Easy Access to loans: As a Nidhi Company is a recognized infrastructure by the Central government; it is trusted more by the banks. Therefore, once you register a Nidhi Company, it is easy for you to acquire loans and other types of findings.
  2. Continued Existence: A Nidhi Company enjoys a continued existence even after one of the directors is deceased.
  3. Easy to incorporate: The Incorporation of a Nidhi Company is quite easy. It is following the standard procedure of Company Registration in India.
  4. Separate legal Identity: After the formation of a Nidhi Company, it becomes a separate legal identity in India. It can be said that a Nidhi Company becomes a separate individual who shall be able to own a property, invest etc.
  5. Limited Liability: A Nidhi Company enjoys limited liability for its members. This means that in the event of loss, the members of the Nidhi Company won’t have their personal assets harmed.

Through Nidhi Company Incorporation, you can basically start your own mutual fund business. If it is what you want to do, contact Taxzone and let us handle Nidhi Company Registration.